A Little Bit of Our History...

  In the spring of 2005, Luke Gilbert started a small "business" called LG Yard Services. Being only a junior high school student, this so called business was not at the top of his priorities. Mowing friends' and neighbors' lawns was a start. Managing time between school, sports, and the business was the greatest obstacle. Luke's main goal towards his customers was the quality of his work. The best characteristic of a small and new business is quality. If their work isn't up to par, why would anyone hire a lawn care company that can't compete in quality and affordability against it's competitors?

  Since then, Dave Davenport purchased the business in the Spring of 2010 and now runs the company with even more pride in quality of work. Dave has years of landscaping experience and hopes to continue growing LG Yard Services.
As the years developed, so has LG Yard Services. The increase in customers meant more equipment which also meant more income. Servicing all ranges of homes with all commercial grade equipment has also lead to much more affordable prices. But still, our mission is to serve our customers with the greatest possibly quality of lawn care possible. We guarantee our services will not only compete with our competitors, but will also exceed YOUR expectations.       
"My lawn has never looked better! My past lawn care providers never were so reliable and polite. Thanks again."

Steve & Martha W.
Casper, WY
(307) 259-1561
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